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Fernand ('Fern') Belzil

Fern Belzil was a successful local rancher who received a Government of Alberta Farm Family award and won many prestigious championships at major bull sales, including a 1975 San Francisco Stock Championship.  Around the turn of the millenium, he gained international notoriety as a respected cattle mutilations expert.  The phenomenon usually involved the bloodless killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual circumstances, often with multiple body parts precisely removed.  Fern became involved through calls received through the local Chamber of Commerce's UFO hotline.  As a cattleman, what he observed impressed him deeply, driving his curiosity and desire for the explanation.  Over the years, he would be contacted by farmers. researchers, authors, and people from around the world.  He was featured in a number of television documentaries and magazine articles, including CBC's Fifth Estate, the Space Channel, and the American National Geographic Society.  Despite his considerable efforts and experience (over 100 cases), Fern never hazarded an opinion for a lack of evidence.  He was quoted in the Winnipeg Sun in 2004: "I am not saying it is aliens... a lot points to aliens but there is no proof.  It's a real mystery."  Fern passed away July 1, 2013, at the age of 88, having a profound impact on his community.

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